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This was okay. I liked the story being told, and although it nothing incredibly new or innovative, it was executed in a way that was entertaining.

What turned me off was that the animation had one glaring problem--the poses of the characters look very stiff and unnatural, and actions look very forced and they don't flow. Example: When the man is cutting a tree, he exerts no exaggerated movement. In his swing, he simply brings his arms down. Cutting a tree is a strenuous action and requires a LOT of force. He should be twisting and rotating his whole entire body, but the majority of his movement lies in his arms. Also, the axe should start relatively slow at the beginning of the swing, and should last almost no time at all between the slow part and when it gets to the tree. However, in the animation, the axe is going the same speed throughout the swing.

Similarly, the man only runs in one manner: the hunched-forward type of running. It's hard to describe. This the sort of running I imagine when Shaggy runs away from a monster in Scooby Doo. This can work, but it doesn't fit and it doesn't look right in the context of this animation.

If I were to give another example it would be when he bends down to pick up the axe after the dog brings it back to him. He just looks so off balance and unnatural. It looks like he's about to fall down.

These are the kinds of nuances and intricacies that really make up a work. The environment looks stunning and I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. But I dislike it when the flashy elements of a work almost, sort of, covers up its flaws. The music is great, and as I said before, I liked the story being told. But it just stood out so much to me when I saw how the characters looked and moved.


I actually liked this a lot! Of course the animation could have been a lot better, like big name people on here, but overall I felt it fit a certain style, and the animation was smooth, fluid, and easy on the eyes, but the characters looked very natural and the animation still lent itself to very exaggerated actions. I also like the art style. I dunno, but I felt it kinda fit the overall style of the animation.

I laughed too! Funny little story there haha.

As for what's happening, overall I could tell what was happening. Guy with jeans needs to pee, but can't get his jeans off, so, in desperation, asks the guy peeing next to him for help. He hesitates...but in pity, and to calm him down, he decides to help. He has trouble, and during this action, someone steps in on them. He walks back out...seeing something very strange...and in anger, the guy trying to help him punches him for making him look bad. At the end he offers him a way to get off his jeans and (presumably) an unsoiled pair of shorts.

I wasn't completely sure what was happening near the middle though. Were his hands stuck in his pockets? I couldn't tell completely. And, one last tiny thing, it wasn't completely established why he couldn't get his jeans undone. I think it's just supposed to be inferred by the viewer that the button was stuck or something, but I'm not sure.

But yeah! I liked this! And I thought the music was a nice choice too haha.

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Informant responds:

Thanks so much for the details, thats exactly what happened.
glad you enjoyed it!!

I thought it was OK. I really liked the art style and the animation was smooth. Those are the things I liked most about this.

But I felt the whole thing in general was just kinda scatterbrained (scat·ter·brained: Disorganized and lacking in concentration) in that the pacing was kinda unnatural. I'm not sure how to exactly put it, but the INSTANT the milk man finished his tantrum, he started cooling down. When the kid was listing the ingredients, he would go from that pondering and unsure tone (e.g. "Umm...milk?") to fast paced and excited and then back to unsure. And then for some unknown reason the milk man makes a pun, which are lighthearted in essence, but the kid demands him to get away in a serious tone. Maybe this might be the humor in it, but I didn't find it that funny.

I did think the ingredients themselves were funny though, and I think the voicing was decent even though the mic was a little fuzzy; you could pretty clearly hear the mic fuzz when the voices turned on.

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Brewster responds:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. A lot of people have been saying the audio quality wasn't good, but it sounded ok on my end, so I'm gonna have to find a way to make it sound better. maybe new headphones or something.

As for the pacing of the jokes, I don't really know what to say. I guess it's just a matter of taste in humor. You explained the pacing in way where you're saying why it's not funny, where as I would explain it the exact same way, but to try and say why it IS funny. It's pretty interesting how our opinion on that part of the movie are polar opposite, but when it comes to the list of ingredients, we agree. Pretty cool stuff.

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It was fun while it lasted. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay, the ambiance, and the quirky dialog between the small guy and the big guy. I thought the dialog was funny.

HOWEVER, one main gripe I have about the gameplay is your limited amount of lightberries. When you run out, you have to backtrack to the floor of the level to gain light again. Then, you wait for a bit for them to respawn in order to get more. It just feels really tedious for me.

Oh yes, and then on one of the levels, I fell through the floor. And then I had to restart from the beginning. So I just stopped playing at that point. But I actually did enjoy it while it lasted!

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Great! I really love all your games. I really like playing point and click games like this too. On my first playthrough I barely saved anyone; I like the results screen that shows your actions and the decreasing stamina bar, I thought that was pretty creative, and it gave me a really clear indication of what I was supposed to do.

Also, this is a pretty unique concept in that you prevent your escape rather than trying to escape.

And I like your style of art. Feels really retro. It also adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game, as well as the music. This game felt really ambient and unsettling, kinda like your other games. However, I'm a total wuss regarding horror movies and playing scary games--I couldn't play your Deep Sleep. x] But I love what you create with your art and music!

Love your work. :)

Simple and fun. Mysterious story and atmosphere that I thought was very (um, I can't think of the exact word right now...) interesting. Enjoyed the puzzles too. Wasn't too hard, but still fairly challenging. Looking forward to the whole thing!

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Pretty good, I liked it.

Nice remix, although if you wanted my personal opinion, the instrument choice wasn't the best.

Of course, if you felt good with it, then sure, that's fine. I still liked the song, and there are far worse instrument choices.

Talking about what's here right now, I felt like the song wasn't...played correctly. Seems like the song is smooth and connected, not Running Hell in my tastes, unless you weren't shooting for this; I've learned the hard way before that a remix isn't supposed to convey the same mood as the original. But I would've liked it more if the instruments were more intense, and of course more spaced apart.

Anyways, just a first review. This is just mostly nitpicking, I still liked the song and it didn't sound bad or anything. This certainly doesn't deserve some 2.00 score.

HyMyNameIsMatt responds:

Looking back, the instrument choice wasn't all that ideal. I wanted it to sound more serious amd I thought those instruments would work well, "they only worked a bit at the end though" Thanks for the consideration and comment, and I have become better at music, "using the some music maker as used in Cave Story so it can't be uploaded."


I could just leave this open and have it looping while I keep browsing the internet. :)

This song is so epic and fast paced. Just love it.

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This looks a lot like the real Scout, just female, of course. This is really good.

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